June 7 City of London evening criterium expected to fill up fast

Race entries are now open for the 2014 London Nocturne on Saturday June 7.

Organisers have published the provisional programme for the evening of racing in the City of London, which includes penny-farthing and folding bike racing as well as an urban cyclocross race and elite men’s and women’s events.

Races now open for online entries include the women's criterium, Leigh Day Criterium (category 2/3/4), folding bike race, penny farthing race and the Ignitr city criterium.

This will be the eighth edition of the London Nocturne, which has become a fixture on the London cycling calendar, attracting large crowds to the Smithfield Market circuit.

Previous winners include Team Sky’s Ian Stannard, and Movistar’s Alex Dowsett. Hannah Barnes has dominated the women’s event, and crossed the line first last year. However, the race was initially awarded to Laura Trott before an appeal from her MG-Maxifuel team led to Barnes’ position being reinstated.

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Paul_C [533 posts] 4 years ago

a linky thingy to the race organiser's web page would help... grrr!!!  3

I quite fancy the folding bike race as I have a 26" wheeled folding bike  1

I would take it that it would be a Le Mans style start with running to the bike to unfold it and then folding it back up and carrying it up several flights of stairs for the finish? That would make it pretty relevant.

ThatBritishBloke [32 posts] 4 years ago
zzgavin [193 posts] 4 years ago

@Paul_C the folding race is great fun, I've done it twice now. 100m dash to unfold your bike, then three laps of a twisty circuit. 8-10 minutes of elbows out, head down racing. Mainly Bromptons, but anything that folds counts I think.
Planning on doing the urban 'cross race this year though.

ribena [187 posts] 4 years ago

Just entered the folding race!

20" wheel size limit i'm afraid...

5.1 Only folding bikes with wheels sized 20 inch or less are permitted to race.
5.2 Permitted brands include Tern, Airnimal, Brompton, Dahon, Mezzo, Moulton, Strida and Xootr. If you wish to race on a different brand please contact the organisers to check if the bike is permitted to race.