Hi All,

My first post but I've been reading with interest for a while. Hopefully someone can give me some advice on changing the colour of my frame paint please.

Last autumn I bought a Specialized tarmac comp 2012. My decision was slightly influenced by getting a decent discount (I think!) due to the 2013 model having been released.

I love how the bike rides, and plan to keep it for a long while, making a few upgrades down the line.

The only slight problem is I don't love the paint job. It's fine, I just don't love it. I was wondering about getting it repainted into a different colour and was after any advice people have about this. I'm looking at getting it done professionally so it looks smart. Is this expensive? Does anyone have recommendations of good places to have it done? I'm based in the east midlands so somewhere local would be good but not essential.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.


Gkam84 [9098 posts] 3 years ago

I am looking at getting some airbrush work done on my trike, to get some of the companies who helped me logo's on the frame.

I haven't used them, but if they are good enough to do all the Wyndymilla, that's got enough for me


Check out their facebook, some great custom jobs on there


Al'76 [110 posts] 3 years ago

Just one point; Specialized offer a lifetime warranty on their carbon frames which is invalidated in the frame is resprayed....