Two decades after having my bike nicked when I was a student, I'm finally returning to cycling (although it's a lot more complicated now I'm looking after two toddlers!). I've bought a Triban 3 and am delighted with it (coming out of a 20 year time-warp, I guess I'm quite easily impressed!).

Anyway, money is a bit tight, so I'm delighted that someone has given me an old pair of basic Decathlon road shoes to get me started. They seem to be the right size in terms of length, but they're not tight enough over my foot so my heel slips a bit. I suspect I may just need an insole.

So, I was hoping for some advice and recommendations, specifically about the shoes, but also general stuff about returning to the sport after a long gap, and with very different life circumstances!


andyspaceman [255 posts] 5 years ago

Superfeet are good - about £30 a pair I think. I use the Green 'all round' ones, though they now do a cycling-specific one which is Yellow if I'm not mistaken.

They give a decent amount of arch support without being excessive.

Welcome back to the way of the wheel. Don't go too hard too soon, spend some time getting your riding position and cleats properly dialled, and enjoy.

I've also got young family - commuting miles for base, sacrificing my weekend lie-in for an early start and proper ride. Occasional night time blasts and turbo trainer sessions for top-up. Sportives and rare weekends away booked well in advance.

MinardiM189 [117 posts] 5 years ago

I'm using standard shoe insoles from Boots, about £3 for 2 pairs. I originally got them for summer use with thin socks but I've kept using them into winter (added insulation on the bottom of the foot).  39

The Rumpo Kid [589 posts] 5 years ago

Daft question, but have you tried thicker socks? Other than that, welcome back to cycling. Buy a decent lock, and keep your front wheel with you at all times!