video - how to get best cycling performance

by bicicleta   December 4, 2012  

Some tips on timing of intervals for your high intensity sessions:

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I have watched a few of your vids. Some good tips.

Right now I just want to get back on the bike but I have a leg injury which is preventing me. ( along with frustrating me )

posted by Super Domestique [1421 posts]
4th December 2012 - 13:09

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Have a butchers at this site and navigate yourself to the training pages, a cyclist coaching. And no I don't race (the clues in the name!) but intervals are pretty good. I particularly liked the Russian steps. However if your coming back from injury, base fitness first. Regular steady efforts, for a short while - afore ye go hammer & tongs.

To slo to live, to slo to die! ::-}

posted by OldnSlo [115 posts]
5th December 2012 - 7:40

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Thanks. Still waiting on the ok from the dr's to get back on the bike. Although 1) trying to get an appointment that isn't 10 days away is a nightmare (who knows they are going to be unwell 10 days in advance!)
2) at times the injury is feeling worse than when I last saw them (2 wks ago).

Ah! the joy!!!!

posted by Super Domestique [1421 posts]
5th December 2012 - 12:19

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