If I wanted to escape from a cousin's wedding and watch the last 20k of the men's road race next weekend any idea what time I'd have to be in front of the TV?


CDK1962 [25 posts] 5 years ago

Is the TV LOCOG approved?

Organon [36 posts] 5 years ago

Find out the speed of the last Olympic road race, times by the new distance, then give it 10 minutes either way cause Cav is going to win you only need to watch the finish.

Or BBC iplayer.

Your not the one getting married to this cousin are you?  3

Simon_MacMichael [2513 posts] 5 years ago

Helpfully LOCOG only puts the start time on the official website. Yeah, thanks for that. Not like anyone needs to know, is it.

A bit of digging reveals the race is due to end a little after 4pm. Getting to a TV somewhere around 3pm should give you the last lap or two of the Box Hill circuit plus the fast run-in to Central London, I reckon.

Be warned, however - I went to get a round of drinks at my sister's wedding and spent a couple of minutes, no more, watching what was happening in the FA Cup Final on the TV by the bar.

Family legend now has it set in stone that I actually disappeared from the wedding to watch the whole match...

notfastenough [3729 posts] 5 years ago

We're going down, and the estimated times for the race to pass through given sections are:


The Mall - START 10am

Hampton Court Palace - 10.35am

Walton-on-Thames - 10.45am

Ripley Village - 11.05am

Gomshall - 11.25am

Westcott - 11.30am

Dorking - 11.35am

Box Hill - circuit entrance 11.40am

Box Hill - circuit exit 2.50pm

Esher - 3.05pm

Hampton Court Palace - 3.10pm

Kingston Upon Thames - 3.15pm

Richmond Park - 3.20pm

Putney Bridge - 3.30pm

Fulham - 3.35pm

The Mall - FINISH 3.40pm

So taking into account Simon's warning, I reckon if you set things up with a couple of 'got a dodgy stomach, love' lines, then nip 'off to the loo' by 3:20, you'll have until about 4 before someone comes looking for you!

drheaton [3323 posts] 5 years ago

Book a hotel room at the venue (assuming you can) and just head off 'for a lie down' for an hour, the time between 3 and 5 is usually a dead spot at weddings anyway unless the couple have got some 'interesting' timings for food/speeches etc.

In fact, most hotel's only let you check in at around 3 so it's the perfect time to get into your room and 'unpack'.