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So who is in your team and why?

Here is mine:

Peter Sagan (LIQ) Value: 34.6 Because he is Peter Sagan
Tom Boonen (OPQ) Value: 27.8 Winner here 2006, 2007, 2009, won last stage Tour de San Luis this week
John Degenkolb (1T4) Value: 25.4 Young up and coming sprinter, peaked at end of year expect more as 1T4 look for invites.
Denis Galimzyanov (KAT) PC Value: 20.0 Seriously undervalued sprinter, his performance last year in Tdf ranked him as one best sprinter in the pro peleton. No Griepel, sick Cav, so expecting wins for the big Russian.

Francesco Chicchi (OPQ) Value: 10.2 good form here last year + Tour de San Luis (2 wins)
Andrea Guardini (FAR) Value: 2.7 good form here last year + Tour de San Luis
Mehdi Sohrabi (LOT) DS Value: 2.6 15 race wins last year, no Griepel in Qatar, if Hendersen leads him out best 2.6 points every spent.
Aaron Kemps (CHA) Value: 3.3 Ex Astana sprinter spent last 2 years winning on US pro-conti level.
Dominique Rollin (FDJ) Value: 6.3 3 top 10 finishes here last year

I don't have a TTT strategy just swap in a couple on cheap RSN or GRM riders for Guardini and Kemps


Alan Tullett [1570 posts] 6 years ago

Well-thought out team.

Got five of those, Sagan, Degenkolb, Galimzyanov, Chicchi and Rollin and had three others over the past week, Boonen, Guardini and Sohrabi.

Got Hushovd instead of Boonen as I thought two OPQ riders was a bit much with the TTT coming up, where I like to spread my risk. Got Gallopin as RSH should do well in the TTT. Demare, as he's U23 world champ on a flat course.

Probably swap one FDJ rider for a Garmin one for the TTT and hold the other transfer.

Not saying who my last rider is.

More difficult to choose after Greipel pulled out and Cav got ill.