I'm looking to go cycling with a friend in the Alps towards the end of June and was wondering if people had any advice. We are deciding on the best way of getting there (flying, train or driving), where to stay and which climbs to take in. We are working on the basis we'll need a vehicle when we are there to move around, so likely to need to hire one assuming we don't drive.

Does anyone have experience of when the best time is to go and whether end of June will be too busy?

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.


seejaysee [14 posts] 6 years ago

I'd be interested to hear about this as well - I had been planning on going from Pisa to the Ardeche for the Ardechoise.

My current plan is:
Try a few bike shops for unwanted cardboard bike boxes
Pack up the bike in box and fly to Pisa where I can dispose of box
Go up the coast via Italian Riviera and then up to Alps
Have a day's stop in the Alps to have a go at Le Col de la Bonette without the rack and bag.
On towards the Ardeche.
Home via TGV/Eurostar from Avignon.

My questions were:
Has anyone taken a bike on TGV/Eurostar and how was it?
When do Alpine roads become passable - am concerned Col de la Bonette is too high to be passable in early June.

spiderweb34 [21 posts] 6 years ago

I've not been, but hear that the Alps are quite busy at the end of June, especially with the Tour being around then....