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by scrumdown15   January 10, 2012  

I'm in the process of searching for a road bike to upgrade from existing hybrid. Does anyone know how the size of cube bike frames compare to other manufacturers? I have read in other forums that the frames are smaller for some reason. I am 6'2" with 34" leg and have the option of a 58cm cube agree but it's an online deal so can't test it out beforehand and have no idea whether that is the right frame size for my build!

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Difficult to say for sure, as frame geometry varies within manufacturers ranges. It's also a matter of what you might find comfortable in terms of handlebar reach, amount of seatpost showing, etc. But from my experience based on trying out friends' Cubes (Agree and Streamer) I'd suggest that the 58cm would be good for you. I'm 6'1" and they're a good fit for me, with a bit more to offer in the seatpost.

posted by woollee23 [94 posts]
10th January 2012 - 15:14


A lot of people say that their sizing is on the small side compared with other bike brands. However, I'm a similar size to you and have a 58cm Cube Agree GTC SL and it's a good fit for me. It's a very good bike too: lots of bang for the buck.

I had a similar problem to you when I was going to buy my Cube so I found a Cube stockist (Cycle Surgery have them, for example, if you can get to a branch) and test rode a 58cm to check the sizing before buying online.

Hope your purchase goes well.

posted by Sadly Biggins [268 posts]
10th January 2012 - 15:18


they do size up a bit small. 58cm frame is 56cm effective top tube, so i'd need to go up at least one size from what i'd normally ride.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7787 posts]
10th January 2012 - 15:24


Ive been looking at a new bike recently too, including Cube - some seem to quote size as Top Tube horizontal where others use Seat tube Cent-Top/Cent. Confusing.

Have you seen the app for sizing your bike? Good starting point as it includes all body geometry, I can already see how a long top tube doesnt suit me and is my most important factor in comfort...can always lift the saddle, stems only go so far out.

Cube are att eh London cycle show this heading down to check my purchase out.

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10th January 2012 - 15:40


Cheers for the responses guys, there is a cycle surgery near to me so I will hopefully go and try one out in the morning. It is last years model but the saving on the rrp seems a really good deal when most of the components are ultegra. Im mainly looking to use the bike for sprint triathlons and eventually John o groats to lands end if I get organised enough this year! Would it be an option to get a slightly longer stem if the reach is a bit cramped?

posted by scrumdown15 [13 posts]
10th January 2012 - 15:41


Would it be an option to get a slightly longer stem if the reach is a bit cramped?

yes, but don't forget that stem length can significantly affect handling. most of the pros are on 130mm (and even 140mm) stems though, and they seem to do okay

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10th January 2012 - 15:44


If you are going to Cycle Surgery, I'd ring first to make sure they have an Agree in the right size (or a different Cube with similar geometry to the Agree) in stock for you to try when you get there.

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10th January 2012 - 15:47



I ride a CUBE AGREE GTC PRO 2011 model size 56cm,! But I'd say it's truly a (53?) It fits me fine as I'm 5ft.9in tall! A Cube 58cm, would be about a true 55cm IMHO

Also the top tube is shorter than the aveage for bike sizing. Although they do make a beautiful bike; and they are wonderful to ride! I absolutely love my Cube.

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10th January 2012 - 20:25


Might have to bight the bullet and shell out the full price for a 2012 model. Shame as I could have saved £400 on last years model but my gut feeling is that the 58cm frame will be too small for me! Heading up cycles surgery on Friday to try one out for size.

posted by scrumdown15 [13 posts]
10th January 2012 - 22:22


I'm 6'2" tall, with a 34" inside leg. I bought a 58" Ariel two years ago and just purchased a 58" Agree this week. Love the Cube......

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10th January 2012 - 22:26


How do you find the fit of the bike?

posted by scrumdown15 [13 posts]
10th January 2012 - 22:52


I agree (get it Crying ) with others here, they size up on the small side, I bought a gtc pro this year I am usually a 54 but had to buy a 56 to get the right fit.

Mega bike though can't praise cube enough. Cool

Stop...... Carry on!

posted by benn jones [14 posts]
10th January 2012 - 23:40


I'm just under 6 foot and bought the 58 in the Cube Agree Pro.Its supposed to come up at a 54 which matches my old bikes geometry although the top tube is shorter.
2011 model with loads of discount online.


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16th January 2012 - 10:50