My first wrong prediction of the year, not a good omen for the start of the fantasy game, I thought Cam Meyer would be favourite to wrap up the Aussie champs and from reading the results, would have been right up there, but has a DNF along with most of the field 119/140 abandoned


Top 3

1. 5 Simon GERRANS (VIC) 4h07:38
2. 9 Matthew LLOYD (VIC) +2
3. 15 Richie PORTE (TAS) +2

The interesting part was he was leading the sprints and climbing, maybe just spend to much energy to finish the last lap or so  4

Sprint Competition
1. 22 William CLARKE (TAS) 5 pt
2. 14 Mathew HAYMAN (NSW) 2
3. 11 Michael ROGERS (ACT) 1
dnf 2 Cameron MEYER (WA) 14

Hill Climb Competition
1. 5 Simon GERRANS (VIC) 5 pt
2. 9 Matthew LLOYD (VIC) 5
3. 22 William CLARKE (TAS) 4
dnf 2 Cameron MEYER (WA) 14

Useless fact of the day, Ballarat is twinned with my wee village of Ballater  4

*edit* some quick highlights http://youtu.be/MIAu1lJHz64