7 Love watching the TDF coverage and have to admit that the crashes do make the action more "real" but everytime I am wanting every guy to be ok and back riding asap (especially today, gutted for Wiggo)

But I can't believe how the photographers are off their motorbikes in seconds and have their cameras nearly poking through the torn lycra. Not seen one even look for a second like they are thinking of helping. Good job there are plenty of medics about.


Gkam84 [9113 posts] 6 years ago

To be honest, if there was no-one else around i'm sure they would help before doing their job of taking pics

But as most crashes are come upon in seconds by a team car/medic car or whoever else are travelling in the cars behind i dont see the problem

At the end of the day, they make their money from the pictures, thats what they are there for, so leave them to it, apart from when they are the cause of the problem, like the guy who got chucked off the tour for taking out Nicki Sorenson

drheaton [3323 posts] 6 years ago

In fairness I don't think it was the photographers fault that the bike hit Sorenson, more likely the pilot trying to squeeze through too small a gap.

As an amateur photographer I find that some of the best coverage of the tour is the photos coverage rather than TV as you get up close and really great pictures of what's happening long after the TV bikes and helicopters have disappeared off with the main field.