Okay, the weekend after next me and the redoubtable mr Trevor Allen of road.cc and the Ergon24 team are cycling from Bath back to Colchester.

That's considerably further than I've ever ridden before, about 200 miles. We're planning to average 13.5mph including stops, making it a 15hr adventure. Probably quicker at the start and slower at the finish, eh  1

Anyone got any tips? I've done 200km audaxes before and been okay, I'll probably fit tri bars for an extra hand position and a bit of aero advantage on the flat bits.

When I've worked out where we're planning to be, and when, I'll post a timetable on this thread: if anyone fancies joining us for a bit then that'd be ace.


dave atkinson [6330 posts] 6 years ago

okay we've kind of worked out our route and itinerary:

Bath 05:00
Malmesbury 06:30
Fairford 08:00
Burford a 09:00 30m break
Burford d 09:30
Bicester 11:00
Buckingham 12:00
Ampthill 13:30 1h break
Ampthill d 14:30
Baldock 15:30
Steeple Bumpstead 18:00
Sudbury 19:00 30m break
Sudbury d 19:30
East Bergholt 21:00

Anyone who fancies tagging along for a bit is most welcome, especially if they sit at the front and give us a tow  1

Adey [86 posts] 6 years ago

Hi Dave
In my limited experiance the only advice i can give is make sure you take onboard the RIGHT fluids i.e drinks that contain sodium to replace the salt that you will lose from sweating
Good luck with the ride!

Chuffy [200 posts] 6 years ago

Don't get too hung up on the schedule!

If you can do 200k then you'll be fine over 300 - just pay extra attention to the usual things (comfort, hydration, food) and take it easy on any hills. Oh and you might find that more short breaks are better than fewer long breaks. An hour is long enough to stiffen up nicely, whereas fifteen/twenty minutes is enough to eat, drink, slash and have a little stretch.

I also found that flat coke is a fine ride drink and that it's good to have snacking Haribo (other jelly sweets are also available) to nibble on between lumps of proper carb. Oh and if you tend to get achy and sore (muscles/joints) then start taking ibuprofen at the start of the ride. Don't wait until you're in pain.