Commuting incident - report to police?

by b3nharris   March 23, 2011  


I was commuting home through Bristol earlier today, and had just pulled off from some lights. I slowed down a bit to let a cyclist ahead of me pull around a parked car when some twat lent out of a car and hit me. My response was to shout something I won't report on the forum. Now, I'm not going to pretend it hurt, and nothing really came of it, though when I passed them at the next lights I got some grief.

The question is - is it worth reporting this to the police? I noted the reg. I know they won't exactly treat it as top priority, but I would like something to happen. Even if it's just causing the twats some inconvenience.

What's the general opinion?

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A mate of mine had his arse smacked which caused a wobble. He reported it to the police who did actually follow it up and the kid's Dad brought him round to apologise. Personally, I'd report it. I do it often, mainly to companies whose vehicles have done a dodgy manoeuvre.

Scarface Ninetoes

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23rd March 2011 - 23:49

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I'd say that yes, you should report it to the police. What happens to it at that point will largely depend on the attitude of whoever you're reporting it to: whether it's an incident worthy of investigation is largely down to your point of view. i'm guessing no witnesses?

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
23rd March 2011 - 23:51

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Definitely report it to the police - you've been a victim of common assault which they will be required to investigate. It will help if you have details of a witness but is not essential.

I was involved in an incident last year which subject to an ongoing (and quite serious) investigation. The local head of the Criminal Justice Department told me that they do treat incidents like these with appropriate seriousness as for many law abiding citizens the only time they come in contact with the police is as the result of motoring related incidents so they want to be seen as being proactive in chasing things up.

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23rd March 2011 - 23:52


Yes, report this. The registered driver will get a visit and inconvenienced and this might stop his passenger trying something more dangerous, such as pushing you or another cyclist off their bike. Hopefully they'll get charged.
Good luck.

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23rd March 2011 - 23:56


Cheers for the replies. I've reported this to the police and will let you know how I get on.

I'd just pulled off from traffic lights so there were several cars and at least one cyclist behind me who might have seen something, but as I didn't stop at the time I can't be sure, and doubt very much I could track somebody down. It all seemed a bit unreal at the time

posted by b3nharris [46 posts]
24th March 2011 - 0:26


You might not be hurt, but if the chav doesn't get warned, he might do it again with far worse consequences. So you did well reporting it.

Don't expect a succesful prosecution with the lack of evidence. You'll only be disappointed. So just ask the police whether he has been warned.

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24th March 2011 - 9:18

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Do it. Aaah, just seen that - good work!

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24th March 2011 - 14:19


Had a lorry pull along side me at 20mph and swear at me for not using the (short) cyclepath (full of school kids at 0830). He then pulled past and cut me up. Took his reg to report to police. PNC said I had the wrong colour lorry (that reg was a white one, the offending one was blue) so left police station with only a public order offence reported. Moments later saw same lorry again coming other way, driver pointed at me, so turned round and took pictures of lorry and reg from behind whilst it was stationary in traffic and returned to police with evidence. Later emailed photos and statement, now awaiting response. Not holding my breath, but at least there's a record of this incident next time he gets pulled for something.

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26th March 2011 - 11:42


b3nharris - if this was at regular commute time it's worth checking out passing cyclists at a convenient point for them to pull in, chances are if someone regular witnessed your incident they will recognise you if you don't recognise them, and a quick "Did you see me get smacked the other day" might get you a witness.

batch - I presume that your picture proved that the lorry registered as a white one is in fact blue - might also be worth contacting VOSA anonymous reporting line. Truck operators have to have operator's licence disc's (in addition to Tax disc's) for their trucks, and it is not unknown (given the cost of VED for a truck, and limit of O licences per operator) for discs to be swapped around or even copied by less scrupulous operators. A truck which is recorded as white and physically blue invites a bit of scrutiny to see whether other details are adrift like chassis number (ie different truck). IIRC a Police check in London last year had almost 100% of the trucks & drivers failing to comply with some detail in the documentation or condition of the truck or driver.

47 years of breaking bikes and still they offer me a 10 year frame warranty!

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posted by A V Lowe [559 posts]
26th March 2011 - 21:41

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Good of you for reporting. Though it's unlikely much will come of it, given the seeming lack of evidence and usual disinterest of police towards many incidents involving cyclists.

However, it'll at least add up to the tally of threats / assaults against cyclists and will reflect in statistics come year end. These tallies can then be used to publicise and pressurise the enforcement authorities to take assault against cyclists seriously.



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22nd June 2011 - 0:44