Training tips and getting the most out of your available time.

by Jon Burrage   April 6, 2009  

Just a quick thread for some advice or info. I struggle to manage my training time properly. What do you find is the best way to build speed on the flat? Im 5ft 9" and 66kg so fairly lightweight, hills are fine but I get passed on the flats. Help would be good. Cheers!

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Not knowing what sort of time you have available and what training you do at present, this advice may or may not help.

I would say that adding interval training sessions to your routine will help. They are quick and the payback is good. The downside is they hurt and you need to be disciplined to get the most out of them.

If you have ever time trialed you should have a good idea of your max sustainable power for an hour, use this to gauge your exertion level and try 2x20min intervals with a 5 min rest between and a 10 min warm up and warm down either end. You should aim to sustain your max 1 hour power for the entire interval, so use cadence etc to make sure you stay on target.

This is a good session for building sustainable high level output. One of these sessions a week should start to show improvement over time.

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posted by DaSy [670 posts]
6th April 2009 - 15:00

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sounds like pretty good advice DaSy. Jon - you sound like you've got a decent power to weight ratio (quick on the climbs) but your peak power isn't high, which is what you need on the flat as weight's less of an issue. It'd be worth doing a RAMP test or similar to see what the maximum power you can sustain is, and then do some work to try and get your max power up. High intensity work is good for this, like DaSy says. High resistance work is good too: do some hill reps but instead of spinning a high cadence or standing up, sit down and push a bigger gear than normal. If you can get your peak sustainable power up you'll be quicker up the hills too, assuming you don't put on too much weight from all that extra muscle Smile

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posted by purplecup [232 posts]
6th April 2009 - 15:24


There is a sub 30 minute session I read about somewhere called Tabata (or something).

It is simply a warm up and warm down with 6 twenty second flat our sprints in the middle (with 6 twenty second rest in between).

There is apparently a 12% increase in performance after regular use.

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posted by jimmythecuckoo [1320 posts]
7th April 2009 - 11:08

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Thanks for all of your help guys. Im not one to stand up going up hills unless it really goes vertical. I am going to ahve a crack at some tough and disciplined intervals. Im a triathlete and need to work on the flat speed for races at castle combe and the barcelona tri which are all flat.

The advice is really helpful and I will go try my luck this afternoon!

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posted by Jon Burrage [1081 posts]
7th April 2009 - 11:34