Hi all, I'm building a single speed flat bar T2 commuter for the summer, I still have yet to pay my shop for the frame which will be my last part I buy: http://lp1.pinkbike.org/p4pb5480734/p4pb5480734.jpg

Here are the parts I have so far:

Easton Flatbar with Raceface stem, Tektro brake levers & Giant grips. http://lp1.pinkbike.org/p4pb6142105/p4pb6142105.jpg

Sportourer comfort saddle. http://lp1.pinkbike.org/p4pb6070557/p4pb6070557.jpg

FSA Vero 46t Chainset http://lp1.pinkbike.org/p4pb6154991/p4pb6154991.jpg

DMR STS http://lp1.pinkbike.org/p4pb6171774/p4pb6171774.jpg

Kinesis 7075 Alu Trainer Fork http://lp1.pinkbike.org/p4pb5565003/p4pb5565003.jpg

I have also to get:





I should be finished soon.  3

Here is a design of what my bike will roughly look like when complete: http://lp1.pinkbike.org/p4pb6275114/p4pb6275114.jpg

Thanks for reading. Feedback welcome.


joemmo [1164 posts] 6 years ago

hello - couple of comments based on my own T2 build and and crosslight flatbar build (which has almost the same geom. as the T2)

It looks like you've got a pretty short stem to fit on, now I don't know what size you are or what kind of position you prefer but I'd consider trying out a longer stem. The front end of the T2 frame is quite low and with a steep seat angle + a short stem you may find that you are either a bit cramped or feel like you are right over the front wheel.

For instance, I have a 54cm frame (crosslight pro5) and use a 120mm stem with flat bars, on the T2 a 100mm stem with FSA vero drops - but like I said, it is personal preference.

Second thing - its a nice frame that you can build into a fast bike - do yourself a favour and build it into a 1x9 so you can make the most of it  3

Brakes wise, I can recommend the shimano BR-450s but you might prefer the Tektro R38 because they're black. For headset - FSA IS2 or Cane Creek IS3 are both decent for that frame.