I'm in the process of building up an early-mid 90's Mercian frame into my road bike.  I've got a complete suntour GPX groupset and wheels to go with it and am looking at pedals.


I was thinking some Look PP76 or PP96, but then spotted these:




These ones come with cleat adaptors so I'm guessing they'll work with my modern Shimano SPD-SL cleats, but if I went with a different set without the adaptors, would I need to buy specific shoes with the correct screw holes?  I'm guessing that as there are adaptors, the cleats are quite different?


Just looking for some general pointers.  Thanks


Drinfinity [23 posts] 4 days ago

The ‘adapters’ look like they have the standard 3 hole pattern to fit the shoe, then 4 threaded nuts to take the missing cleats. 


Unless you you can source cleats that fit, I don’t know that you would be able to use them. 


The main feature of the pedals appears to be the surface is dropped down to the level of the centre of the spindle. It seems a shame to add stack height back in with a black plastic adapter.

If you find some cleats, a little creativity with a drill and a Stanley knife might get them to fit a modern shoe...

djgorey [39 posts] 2 days ago

Thanks for your help  I’ve sourced some pedals that are coming with cleats  


I’ve read that speedplay have the same bolt arrangement so a pair of speedplay specific shoes might work. Can anybody confirm this?

Roadie_john [66 posts] 1 day ago

Those Time pedals had a two-part cleat. IIRC half brass, half plastic or alu - it allowed the foot to get really low onto the pedal axle for maximum stability. Very few shoe makers supplied Time drillings. Possibly only Time themselves. I haven't seen the cleats for sale in over 15 years, so while the pedals are generally reckoned to be excellent, it's  a risk buying them. Speedplay use a 4-bolt cleat but I would put money on it being different to obsolete Time drillings.

I think these may be what you are looking for:


djgorey [39 posts] 21 hours ago

I’ve managed to get a set of pedals with cleats and a pair of Time shoes with the correct drilling’s. All in including postage, I spent £25 so not a massive gamble


There’s a few bits around eBay that will keep me going, albeit I might find I’ve had to spend some money to get it perfect