Hi, I am buying my first road bike the Btwin Triban 540 after reading great reviews about it online. I live in Saint Genis Pouilly in France and have tested the  Large (L) and Extra Large (XL) models in my local Decathlon shop. Some of my friends who know about bikes told me to go for the Large but the shop assistant insists an XL looks better for me when he saw me test riding both sizes. The L was easier to control (in the shop) and easier to reach the handle bars but the XL felt good also. I have always ridden larger bikes so I don’t really know the feel of a correct fit.

I am 6’1 (186cm) and have longish legs. Advice would be truly appreciated.

Details on the bike can be found at this link, specifications can be found on the link "GUIDE DES TAILLES".


Your help would be greatly appreciated.



kompot [20 posts] 10 months ago

According to the decathlon size guide you come between L and XL, I would go with the smaller frame since it could be easily adjusted with longer stem. For me decathlon's size guide worked well.

matthewn5 [1201 posts] 10 months ago

Agree with the above. You can't make a 'too big' frame smaller, but you can push the seat back and add a longer stem on a smaller bike. And that looks way more pro than a seat forward and short stem  3

shufflingb [47 posts] 10 months ago
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If it was me I'd go with the smaller of the two. As well as what's already been said it will be slightly lighter and a bit easier to get on and off.