Has anybody in here ridden this monster?

am planning to do it in a few weeks but would like some advice regarding temperatures at the top (3500mts!) and how the altitude was for you?



tugglesthegreat [69 posts] 1 year ago
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I've not done that climb, but I've ridden in Bolivia and Peru.  You will get a noticable drop in temp and will be finding it hard to walk never mind ride.   It's more like 3700m A de L, the extra few m do make all the difference.  If you are not used to the alt easy walking at 3500m is hard so cycling will be hard. 

I did a ride in Bolivia which was down hill and starting at 5600m, down hill I know but anything is hard at that alt, temp was about -10.   When I was in Bolivia, in La Paz (which is about 3500m) during winter, it was ok during the day in the sun 5-10^o, at night -10. 

There is another factor what you haven't mentioned is the sun.  You need to use high factor sun screen.  At these altitudes it feels like the sun is biting your skin, when you are wearing 60+ white chalky blocker.  Without you will get permenent damage.

Sorry I can't be more help.




Kieran Barry [1 post] 1 year ago
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Ok thanks for that. I live in the Caribbean so am pretty used to sun and heat, it's the cold that worries me!