It's taken a long time but it is here at last and I've spent the week making all those little minor adjustments... as well as cutting the seatmast, centimetre by centimetre.

Quite nerve-wracking to take a hacksaw to a few thousand pounds of carbon fibre.

It's a lovely thing. Feels great - very stiff, I can really feel the difference. And it really seems to be happiest rolling along at 40+km/h.

I still sweat though. Obviously the main reason to spend all that money on a bike is to confirm that it's me who is slow, no matter what I ride !

The details:
Size 58cm.
Super Record 11sp
Eurus wheels - will be tubeless but they were sent without the right valves
Brooks Swift titanium saddle
3T carbon bars
Planet X 12cm stem

The foils in the forks - also in the rear.

Still has a Chorus cassette and Record front derailleur, to be replaced.


Super Domestique [1621 posts] 7 years ago

Stunning bike.


dave atkinson [6370 posts] 7 years ago

yeah, looks lovely. you're right, cutting down a carbon integrated 'post is a nightmare. we had to do a £4.5k Wilier a while back, talk about stressful...