Di2 shifting out of biggest rear gear after a few seconds

by BigBlokeOnABike   August 21, 2014  


The other day I was fiddling with my Di2 with the e-tube project to update the Firmware to get my D-fly to work.

Since then when I have the rear derailleur in the first gear (biggest) it will stay there quite happily for say 5 or 6 seconds and then shift into gear 2.
I have phoned Specialised and they said that I just need to use the service button to adjust the position of the derailleur but this makes no sense to me.

The alignment when it is in gear 1 is fine - there is no rubbing or clicking or trying to jump out of gear.
I can hear the electric motor move to the second gear when it shifts so it's not just jumping to the next cog due to bad adjustment.
The selected gear on my cycle computer moves from 1 to 2 when it shifts.

I am not sure if it did this before I updated the firmware.

Has this happened to anyone else?
It's not really a problem as I very rarely use the biggest gear but it doesn't seem like it should be doing this so I want it fixed for the next time I do Leith hill!


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Can't comment on your particular problem but from my electronics knowledge. Going through a setup procedure can clear odd functions.

posted by CXR94Di2 [234 posts]
21st August 2014 - 17:43