So I couldn't watch the Ride London "Classic" road race because I was in it; the sportive that is before it. After fighting through the remnant of a Hurricane I was a little bit tired. I caught the train home and of course didn't catch the BBC's liveish coverage on Sunday afternoon. No worries I can watch it later on the iplayer of course. But of course I have to go to work and cook and clean and keep up with other shows (Bake Off  38 .) I did watch about an hour on my phone but most of that is a triple jumper talking to Sir Chris Boardman of all things.
Now my ancient laptop won't stream anything without crashing so I couldn't download, but that will be alright because I can come back to my phone and watch the race whilst I browse emails. BUT NO! The Ride London show has gone after just one week.

Why oh why are some shows up for a month whilst some are only on for a week. What is special about the rights to RL100? Who else is going to be watching it elsewhere? No one will be buying the dvd. It is a one shot thing why take it down. The Commonwealth RR is still up there weeks later taking up space and hours of squash, so why not RL100? And another thing SKY AT NIGHT is on once a month at unpredictable times but is still only up for a week. Why Terry, why?!

Sometimes I feel like I am just surrounded by disfunctional technology. Bring on the post-apocalypse.



jollygoodvelo [1586 posts] 2 years ago

It is a bit odd sometimes. I'm still trying to work out why they have a completely different "iPlayer" on the bbc.co.uk/iplayer website to the one you get on iDevices, smart TVs, etc.

Leviathan [2395 posts] 2 years ago

Only one person interested in my plight; serves me right for posting in the Tea Stop.

Him Up North [235 posts] 2 years ago

I searched for a video of the whole race online but struck out.  2

freespirit1 [249 posts] 2 years ago

iPlayer is a strange beast sometimes.

Generally if you are watching on a pc via the BBC website eligible content is available for one week after transmission. However if the programme is part of a series say 8 episodes, episode 1 may be available for 9 weeks but episode 8 will only be online 1 week.

The above can go out of the window if you are using Sky, Virgin Media or another ISPs box to access iPlayer, as you are then at the mercy of what the ISP has made available at their end.

I did read somewhere that the BBC are to increase capacity some time so that content will be available for longer, from the attached link it does appear that the series catch up option I mentioned above will be ending.