Does anyone know of a good fixed gear bike?
I have an old steel framed racer which I converted into fixed gear a while ago and use it for short cycles such as heading to town/work. However, it is too small for me (I'm 6'4"!) and if I go on longer rides I will start to feel more knee pain as well as other, not the right bike fit pain.
I'm looking for a fixed gear that would be good to take on longer rides (50+ miles) when I'm not on my nice road bike with the cycling group.
As for specs I don't really know, I was originally looking around £200 mark but am going to have to edge that up if I want a lighter frame material such as aluminium, although I don't want to spend to much as it will be locked up outside work. I would also have to have brakes, at least on the front, probably on the rear as well (although I do currently cycle without the rear callipers). The alternative is getting a new everything apart from wheels, brakes and handlebars (which I have) and build it up myself, something I'm not against as long as it doesn't get added to a list of other projects I've been meaning to do (bike projects normally get moved automatically to the top of the list though  4 ).
Anyway, cheers for your thoughts


pants [239 posts] 4 years ago


my friend rides that to work to save his good bike, it seems to ride like an actual bike despite the price.

Derny [113 posts] 4 years ago

A low-cost aluminium frame is usually quite heavy, only marginally lighter than steel. Steel is the typical material you would expect to find in most new fixed-gear bikes and there's no reason to avoid steel in that type of bike. The aluminium frames will probably be a bit stiffer, which may not matter to you.

If you want a new bike, buying it complete will usually save money over building it from parts. The cheaper solution would be to buy another complete used bike in a proper size and convert it. An old converted road bike will work about as well and will be less of a target for theft.