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by BighugeMonkeysuit   June 17, 2014  

Hello all!

I'm having a really hard time tracking down a new chainring/crankset for my bike. I currently have a 3 speed chain ring at the front and I only ever use the 48t. I have locked out the front mech, it literally does nothing!

I'm after a single speed chain ring at the front (without shift gates), 48+ teeth and I'm willing to change the cranks and BB as I have had no luck in tracking down the correct chainring on it's own. It needs to be 3/32" as I have a 9 speed cassette. I also don't want a square tapered BB. I tend to shred them pretty quickly...

I have discovered the SRAM Courier S300 but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere. Does anyone know of anything similar that they can recommend?

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Even if you managed to find a chainring that suits your need you'd still have to figure out how to get the correct chainline (single ring setups on MTBs use the middle position, a 48t would foul on the chainstay) and have to stop the chain from bouncing off if you remove the derailleur (MTB would use a narrow-wide chainring and clutch type mech. The mech you'd be able to use an MTB one but you'll be hard-pressed to find a 48t NW ring). There are more headaches than it's worth imo.

posted by egb [43 posts]
17th June 2014 - 15:59

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You're essentially looking for a track chainset then.
You could get this
then a set of Omnuims (£199)or the On One External BB track Chainset (£99)

What ever you go for you'll need to play around with spacers between the frame and drive side BB cup.

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posted by glynr36 [354 posts]
17th June 2014 - 16:20

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It's a Badboy 6 so it's a mash of mountain bike and road stuff. It's a royal pain in the arse to buy drivetrain parts for it. Getting a 104 BCD 4 arm 48t 3/32" chain ring is impossible so that's why I was looking at a whole crankset.

The front ring is a bit knackered now so will need replacing fairly soon. I thought rather than buying something for the sake of ease, I'd be better off getting it right. I would love to lose the front mech, shifter and extra chainrings but most of all, the shift gates simply because they will wear the chain faster and I don't use them!!

I'm looking at a 60ish mm chain line on the big ring so this is going to be... fun..

posted by BighugeMonkeysuit [6 posts]
17th June 2014 - 16:32

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The middle ring chainline is 55mm and the outer ring is 62mm!! The chainline as it stands on the 48t is perfect. I'm dead straight on the 7th cog which is where I spend the majority of my time.. It's a BBES25 so I need a bottom bracket which matches this length to get the chainline.

posted by BighugeMonkeysuit [6 posts]
18th June 2014 - 15:43

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and you'll not need a nw chain ring either ... I run my MTB with a renthal standard
34t, no guides, no front mech and an ordinary XT rear. chain drops are very few
and far between Smile

still on the 3rd switch-back of Bwlch !

posted by therevokid [698 posts]
18th June 2014 - 19:12

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I might have to drop them an email! Thanks for the heads up, they look really good.

posted by BighugeMonkeysuit [6 posts]
19th June 2014 - 10:57

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I don't work for them but I do like to support my local fabricators

Bullet proof, I currently own 3 of their chain rings, also reversible

They do 46t in a 3/32 DH ring, these have deeper teeth to avoid chain drop, on a MTB cassette that gives you 48x11 which is a top end of 108.5 inches on a 1.5 inch tyre, more than enough inches if it's the MTB based Bad Boy.

posted by MKultra [210 posts]
19th June 2014 - 11:07

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Went for a fibre-lyte in the end!

I found a few other companies including the suggested one above but no one would make me something especially as it wasn't 'cost effective'.

The teeth are carbon too which is pretty odd but I'll let you know how I get on with wear...

IMG_20140815_174921_zps6f2c1b9e.jpg IMG_20140815_174931_zps7d6c6b5f.jpg

posted by BighugeMonkeysuit [6 posts]
19th August 2014 - 14:53

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There are now a whole slew of "narrow-wide" chainrings. In CX, single chainrings matched up to rear mechs is common apparently.

The first thing I did when I got my new bike was whip off the existing chainset and front mech and swapped it with my old Truvativ cranks with a 42T single. Saved about a kilo. Had no issues with dialing in or alignment. Occasionaly drop the chain, but the bashguard helps and I bought a chainkeeper for £4 to stop it falling into the bottom bracket.

It's only on the downhills (and flats with a tailwind) I wish I had another gear. I usually top out around 26/27mph when my legs have it in them, but can reach high 30's by pedalling like a nutter.

posted by dazwan [16 posts]
19th August 2014 - 20:07

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