I know it was a LONG time ago.

But do you remember when the forum used to be a great place to come and have some banter about the GAME, rip the piss out of others dodgy transfers and have a laugh.

Then you would go and make said dodgy transfers for the next day, because at the end of the day, it is only a GAME.....

Unfortunately, that was a long time ago, most of the people that used to enjoy the forum have moved on because of the few that are spoiling it for everyone with constant moaning, whining....etc about a GAME.

I still enjoy the banter on twitter, but it is not the same without some of the regulars that used to be on here. It is such a shame, because this place used to be a great community to be around.


simon F [1003 posts] 3 years ago

I'm not sure why this isn't in the other place but whatever.

Remember when the game was the game and the rules were the rules, set by one person and not subject to the arbitrary whims of whoever happened to be race manager that week and transfer deadlines were the same as the neutral start times?

If we wanted to play simple games with fixed deadlines and boring rules, we'd all play Halfords (or velogames or anything else) instead.

And yeah, I know this is just more moaning but it's part of what is beginning to put me off the game (not the forum) and making me wonder whether I can be arsed playing next season.

If you've really lost faith in men's procycling (despite your support of Horner's Vuelta win) and you're just going to play one nation purist teams, stage deadlines obviously don't matter to you but that's no reason to change stuff that's worked well up to now.

Super Domestique [1621 posts] 3 years ago

Not so much the game but yes, I miss the old faithful posters who were here a while back. Genuinely helpful, friendly and a laugh.

The likes of trikeman spring to mind but that was just one of many I recall.