Crank failure. Halfords CB TEAMCARBON

by Cyclingmw   May 28, 2014  

New to this site and looking for some expert tips and advice. I'm a commuter and sportive rider.

have recently bought a Boardman 2014 Team Carbon with FSA Gossamer Compact 50/34t Chainset with PF30 Bottom Bracket. from Halfords in April.. Not 5,weeks in the non drive crank came away from the bottom bracket whilst climbing a hill.. Took a tumble and bruised everything that hit the road. Got a real fright.

Looked like a stripped bolt thread..Contacted FSA who said probably been tightened past the recommended torque. Halfords replaced the bolt and crank but are sending the part away before engaging me in conversation about compensation?

Anyone had anything similar happen and what to do next? Blame = claim. Injury lawyers for you! That's if Halfords accept liability but can't see it


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I had the same thing happen with an FSA Gossamer crank on a Boardman CX Team a couple of years ago. Luckily, I was going slowly and wasn't hurt at all.

After a very strongly worded discussion with Halfords they collected the bike and then returned with the options of having it refitted or sent away to FSA to determine the fault, which could take months. After some even stronger words, they completely replaced the bike and gave me a voucher (still unspent actually, because I can't bring myself to go there again).

If the store won't give you a full replacement, I'd go over their heads to Halfords customer service. It was that threat that got them to actually replace mine.

The manager personally built my new one, but it was still pretty badly put together. If they replace it, getting it built by an actual expert would be money very well spent.

Get well soon, and don't be at all shy in dealing with them. A crank coming off after five weeks is a really serious fault on their part and they know that.

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28th May 2014 - 9:55


I had problems with FSA cranks before. I had an FSA SL-K Light carbon crank. The retention mechanism was rubbish as the retaining bolt just kept on coming loose - even though it was correctly torqued. Luckily, I never came off. Both the bike shop and I checked the torque was correct. FSA finally replaced the alloy bolt with a steel one for me, but that didn't solve the problem. I finally (literally) threw the whole thing in the bin with less than 2000kms on.

Ever since then, I've stick to Shimano. I've only ever had problems when I once didn't torque the bolts down properly (to be honest, I completely forgot to tighten them at all!).

So, I'm not too sure I'd place all the blame on Halfords...

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Thanks folks. Customer services are already involved and bike hut manager have offered an upgrade of drive chain to what as yet I don't know. Will wait on results and just as a sweetner they've gave me a £40 carbon bottle cage and bottle. Whoop whoop.
Told customer services that I'd lost confidence in the bike and would accept an upgrade/ replacement to a Boardman Pro SLR. all ultegra spec.
Waiting and decision pending. Hey, if you don't ask, you don't get!

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28th May 2014 - 12:14


Accepted upgrade to the Boardman Pro Carbon as a goodwill gesture from Halfords..


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21st June 2014 - 15:35


Kudos for Halfords customer service.

All Campag

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Flying Scot wrote:
Kudos for Halfords customer service.

Agreed. Let's hope the retrain the mechanic who bodged the original job.

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21st June 2014 - 21:27