More Garmin 800 help Please!!!

by taz3611   May 16, 2014  

Can some one help? At Wits End
If I plan a route with Garmin Connect, when it's transferred to the 800 I have no data showing on the route profile screen. Ive checked for seetings on the unit and in Connect to no avail.

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From memory, I think you have to copy/export the route into the "new files" folder on the unit and then somehow it ends up in the routing section. Make sure you "eject" the device as well

posted by arfa [597 posts]
16th May 2014 - 10:56


I get the same when I export from Strava or Garmin Connect.

I do however have success with routes planned on

Let us know if you solve it some other way?

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posted by neildmoss [229 posts]
16th May 2014 - 12:08


Does anyone know what happened with Biketoaster? That gave the profiles, but I can't use it now.

I've only ever got profiles from rides I've already done. The Garmin Connect doesn't seem to include that information.

posted by Colin Peyresourde [1437 posts]
16th May 2014 - 23:17


I use Bikeroutetoaser to load routes to my my humble Garmin 405. It works really great much better than Garmin connect. Admittedly the 405 doesn't have a profile, but if there isn't any profile info that means that there's no elevation data coming from Garmin connect digital terrain model.

Garmin software is so crappy isn't it. let's see. Basecamp - crappy; Training Centre - crappy; Garmin connect - crappy. All three software packages trying to do more or less the same thing but all crappy.

Use Bikeroutetoaser it's free and much better than Garmin anything.

posted by wellcoordinated [140 posts]
16th May 2014 - 23:34