Fancy an alternative flutter to the Grand National (no horses involved) - & it helps a charity too

by Tinternet_tim   April 6, 2014  

Hi all,

As the subject says, if you weren't lucky enough to pick a winner in the Grand National or if you don't approve of horse racing then how about having a bet on me!! I'll tell you how in a second...

A few months ago I posted on this forum how cycling has helped me overcome brain surgery and try to cope with the residual effects

A reminder Smile

Anyway, on the back of that post I was contacted by someone who had been diagnosed with the same type of tumor and I shared my experience with them which I hoped help. So in my mind, I am so glad I posted my story!

I was also contacted by the British Tinnitus Association and they have offered me one of their charity places to ride the London-Surrey sportive in August which I have jumped at the chance to do.
I have set up one of the usual 'justgiving' website which is doing really well. Anyone would like to support the BTA, any additional donation/sponsorships will be greatly appreciate.....

Here is the twist: As I am sure most of you are now bored of the endless sponsorship pages which do the rounds each year, so I have also set up a betting website which cost £3 to place a bet and the person who guesses a time closes to my actual finish time will win the pot.
This website is going a bit slow at the moment and there is only 1 lonely guess (I would have made a guess but UK betting law doesn't allow it Rolling Eyes ). If any of you like to have a bit of a gamble, I know the BTA, 1,000s of tinnitus sufferers and me would really appreciate any donation. The more people who bet, the bigger the prize!

To qualify to bet, you DO need to be over 18 and on the electoral roll (the website will walk you through it including password format...this caught out the lone gambler!).

To give you an idea of times. I am aiming for 7 hours or less. I will be going for a time and not a really leisurely cycle. I would be over the moon to complete it in under 6 hours, but I think with a couple of feed station stops and my fitness level this will be beyond me! Plus there is the chance I will go off to bonking is also a possibility!!

If you aren't able to donate or don't want to, thanks for having a read and hopefully the above has at least raised a little awareness of tinnitus and the BTA charity. Take care of those ears and hearing folks as tinnitus really does effect your quality of life even if it can't harm you! (public health advice over Smile )

Ta-ta for now

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Very great idea Tim. Once I get my payment from HMRC that I've been fighting for 2 months to get now, I'll put in a guess

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posted by Gkam84 [9075 posts]
6th April 2014 - 18:07


Thank you Keith!
Please only guess if you can afford it. I'd hate to see you/anyone go without in order to give to another cause.

posted by Tinternet_tim [101 posts]
6th April 2014 - 18:38


I think I can manage £3, its just a bottle of coke and a sticky bun Wink

If only HMRC would pull their finger out, if it was me owe them money, they'd be bashing down the door.

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posted by Gkam84 [9075 posts]
6th April 2014 - 18:48


Liked the idea of this so had a little guess, good luck!

Ride when's its dry, ride when it's wet...just ride Smile

posted by Redjen [8 posts]
8th April 2014 - 20:01


Hi Jen,
Thank you so much for the sponsorship and guesses!
I will be pushing the website again with work colleagues/friends and social media a little closer to August so I hope the prize pot will increase and if you win you will at least get your money back!

Thanks again for your donation and guesses, it's really appreciated and hopefully will be a little bit of fun for those who make guesses.

If you are on twitter I will be posting some updates between now and August on my prep and what my average speeds/distances are to give you an idea of how close I will be to your guess time. @tinternet_tim


posted by Tinternet_tim [101 posts]
9th April 2014 - 16:07