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by gr3g0ree   March 31, 2014  

Done a quick search but could not find the answer I was looking for.
So I would like to ask you all more experienced sportive participants: whether you start and finish at the same place, is food and/or drinks at the start/stop free? Is is only free at all feed stations in between? Any difference between organizers?

Thanks in advance.

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It varies between organizers. Some provide proper food at the finish, some don't provide anything, some provide something at a cost.

Feed stations also vary, some have free cake and drink top ups, energy bars...etc. Some don't have feed stations and you have to bring anything you need with you and some provide things at a cost.

Which sportive are you looking at?

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posted by Gkam84 [9375 posts]
1st April 2014 - 0:41


I'm not a Sportive 'veteran' but the last one I did started and finished at the same place, which I always thought was essential for the timing element. It's also the attraction of Sportives, unlike the charity rides (eg London to Brighton) that start and finish at different places which leave you with a logistical 'headache'. All the food (feed stops (incl 'pills' for your bottles) and at the finish) at my last Sportive was included apart from a coffee van at one of the feed stops where you had to pay. They did point this out in the instructions. I even had a small (free) glass of wine thrust into my hand at that particular stop!


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1st April 2014 - 11:21


As GKam says it really depends on the organiser and the event.

The Paris-Roubaix is linear route with all you can eat during, once acros the line you are on your own. The Evens King of*** series did provide food before and after the ride and as much as you can eat during. The Tour Ride was food on route with soup and a roll at the end. I did one CTC a few years ago and it was basically here's your map now sod off.

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1st April 2014 - 13:54


They generally start and finish at the same place, the ones that don't are very much the exception (in the UK at least!) and it should be obvious if this is the case- e.g. Coast to Coast, London to Brighton etc.

IME feed stations en route are always free. There might also be 3rd party optional extras there that aren't (e.g. posh coffee van).

Anything at the start/finish generally isn't free- I have encountered a couple of exceptions at finishes (cup of coffee and a bit of cake) but better assume you'll be paying.

posted by Chuck [498 posts]
1st April 2014 - 14:39


Thanks for all the replies, I will be riding the FT London soon and looking at some Wiggle sportives.

posted by gr3g0ree [71 posts]
3rd April 2014 - 11:38


For the Wiggle ones:

You get a voucher for a cup of tea/coffee that you can use either before or afterwards, everything else at the start point is paid for.

At the feed stops everything is free (though there is a limit on some items such as gels). They generally have flapjacks, bananas, biscuits/jelly beans; along with plain water and a water/energy powder mix.


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1st June 2014 - 12:56