The phenomenon that is Lance Armstrong generates such a vast amount of news and comment on the web, that there's now way anybody would ever be able to cover all of it a vast amount of it comes through the news feeds here at road.cc and never makes it on to the site… what a waste. So I've decided to launch Lance Watch to bring you regular tasters from the wilder shores of Lancedom… many of which have very little to do with the great man at all, well not directly.

Our first Lance Watch installment comes from The Briefcase a blog about the Ohio legal scene and their “Bullshit Lawsuit of the week” back in January. Take it away Briefcase…

"It apparently took Dolores Karnofel a bit too long to realize that her 11-year nephew and his parents weren’t going to provide the deep pockets for the lawsuit she filed to recover for eye injuries she allegedly received “due to [the nephew] shooting a yellow Lance Armstrong ‘Live Strong’ bracelet at her.”  Last week the 11th District affirmed the dismissal of her amended complaint seeking to add the Lance Armstrong Foundation as a new-party defendant, because she’d filed it seven months after the statute of limitations ran.

"Did I mention she’s proceeding pro se?" [pro se means she's representing herself, but you probably knew that already]

See, it's not easy being Lance [Think we all knew that already – thee's all that cycling for a start] just this week the Briefcase reports that Mrs Karnofel had been declared a vexatious litigant by the courts after she tried to sue a hospital partly for mis-diagnosing her mental condition. Briefcase does not tell us whether the mis-diagnosis was that she was sane… or not.


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