How to Lose Friends And Influence People

by VecchioJo   January 15, 2009  


Last minute "see you at the caff" arrangement to meet up with the road ride, ride up on my own, the short quick way, quite a grey and mizzly struggle, iPod on LOUD.

At the top of the last hill before the caff I get a feeling in my water that they're just behind me, stop and get rid of the water in a hedge then cruise back down a few hundred metres and there they are, strung out.

Swing round, join in, chat. Apparently the average speed goes up 2mph.

Only 20 minutes before there had been chat about how nice a ride it had been so far without me, no cocking around, no sprinting for signs, no gradually upping the pace, just a nice steady ride.


Still, it wasn't me that went to the front up the next climb.