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Wolf Tooth WT-1 All Conditions Chain Lube

Wolf Tooth's WT-1 Chain Lube lasts well and performs impressively – especially if you value a clean transmission.

It's a blue-green liquid that's thick enough to apply sparingly. There's no need to remove old lube first, according to Wolf Tooth.

Once applied, you can run the chain through the transmission a couple of dozen times, or go for a short ride. This allows the 'detergent-like' component to get to work. After this, a wipe with a 'micro-cloth' brings off a remarkable amount of black gunk. However, on the next ride the chain ran impressively quietly and smoothly.

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Wolf Tooth suggests you reapply once every 400 miles. After around 120 miles of ‘ride and wipe’, we found the amount of dirt coming off was much reduced. What's really impressive is that the black dirt comes off so easily; no solvents involved, just a cloth. It wipes just as easily from chainring and sprocket teeth as it does from the chain.

WT-1 ticks all the boxes: it's easy to use, long-lasting, weather-resistant and – perhaps best of all – makes your transmission really easy to keep clean.