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Tailfin Alloy Rack

The Tailfin Alloy Rack was an instant hit when launched a few years back and for good reason, fast forward to 2022 and it still represents the last word in being adaptable, light, fast and practical. There's options across the system to suit almost every bike and rider's need, there's a plethora of spare parts, a five-year warranty, and it's easy to fit and remove.

The Tailfin's design, made up of two U-shaped frames attached by pivots, might be simple but it's extremely effective and means that the system fits almost any rigid or full-suspension bike. Bags can be attached to both the top and sides of the resulting L-shape giving loads of storage space and options whilst keeping the cargo out the way of the saddle area.

The rack is mounted at the rear wheel axle by some well-designed 'fast-release' dropouts at the bottom of the rack legs. You can spec the rack to come with either permanent fixings to your frame using your existing threaded frame bosses or with fast-release dropouts to fit your frame bosses. This means you can run the rack even if your bike lacks rack mounts or you could use it in addition to mudguards which isn't always the case.

In other words, there are more mounting options than you can shake a stick at and Tailfin have also sorted a plethora of luggage bags and attachments. In use the rack was quiet and efficient with no unwanted movement which resulted in a stable ride. 

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At slightly over 600g in weight (including axle) with the capability to carry 27kg / 64 litres of stuff, this is a genuine feat of engineering and one of the best in it's class. Overall, the rock-solid build quality, silent ride, configuration flexibility, future-proof options, great aftersales support, and a slick package with a huge warranty mean that the Tailfin Alloy Rack more than justifies it's price.