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Squirt Bike Cleaner Concentrate

Squirt Biodegradable Bike Cleaner Concentrate works really well both neat as a degreaser and diluted as a general wash. At the recommended maximum dilution of 1:25 it makes a massive 25L of bike wash, so it's great value too.

At one part concentrate to 25 parts water, and misted onto the bike with a spray bottle, this has an immediate effect.

The bottom of the down tube on reviewer Steve Williams’ fluorescent yellow mountain bike is always dotted with what can only be road tar, so as a test he sprayed half with Squirt and the other half with water. He could rub away the stubborn little speckles quite easily with the wash, whereas they mostly ignored his efforts on the watered section.

More generally, a good spray over the bike and a shuffle around with a sponge was all it took to unstick dirt and grime ready for the hose. A quick blast with that and the grunge all just falls off.

If you do want more power, there’s plenty of scope for diluting the concentrate less while still getting good mileage from the bottle.

Used neat it’s effective even on quite blackened drivetrains and thickly gunked jockey wheels. Dribbling it straight on won't simply melt oily mess away like solvent degreasers, but after 10 or 20 seconds even thick rinds of stuck-on lube fall away easily with a soft brush.

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This stuff is great, and noticeably effective even at its highest dilution. Used neat it’s a really useful degreaser, too. Oh, and it’s biodegradable and cheap. Winner.