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Specialized S-Works Prevail II Vent

The Specialized S-Works Prevail II Vent is a better-ventilated version of the company's top-end S-Works Prevail II. It is cool and comfortable and you get safety technologies that could help you out should you come off.

This helmet uses aramid struts and three huge vents to move air across your head fast. It is comfortable and easy to wear on rides of any duration.

Reviewer Liam found it to sit quite low at the front with the retention system providing plenty of adjustment at the rear.

Specialized S-Works Prevail II Vent RCCR-2

The internal MIPS liner – designed to reduce the rotational forces acting on the brain in the event of a crash – isn’t irritating in use and helps the helmet achieve a five-star safety rating from Virginia Tech.

Specialized’s ANGi device on the back of the Vent detects a crash if you have one and will then contact a nominated number without you needing to be conscious. It needs to be connected to an app, though, and that app needs to be running on your phone for it to work. Remembering to open it at the start of every ride might be an issue for some.

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If you've got the cash for the Prevail II Vent, you won't be disappointed. Everything that was good about the standard Prevail II is here, it's just a bit more breathable. Overall, it's a superb vented helmet, even if it does sit in the upper range of what many will be willing to pay.