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Silca Synergetic Drip Lube

Silca's Synergetic Drip Lube lasts for ages, is very clean, and will save you loads of money in drivetrain components. Yes, it's £32 a bottle. But that will last you a year and save you many times that amount replacing prematurely-worn components.

Waxing your chain still beats it in certain circumstances, but that's such a faffing niche case it's only of interest to a very few cyclists. Most people want to drip stuff on and go ride. And that's where Synergetic delivers.

It lasts 250km per application Mike found, through muddy, dusty and wet off-road riding. Each application of 116 drips weighs about 1g, so you're looking at around 50 applications per £32 bottle – that's likely more than 12,000km of off-road terrain.

Silca Synergetic Drip Lube RCCR-2

Silca says a bottle is good for 12,000 miles (around 19,300km). It seems a fair bet you could get that if you're sticking to roads.

Mike’s chain, cassette and chainring have also remained amazingly clean. Cleaner than they'd look after a single ride with a normal oil-based lube, that's for sure. For those using indoor trainers, Synergetic lube is going to be your cleanest option – if there's no dirt to pick up, it's going to stay clean almost indefinitely.

This is great news for people lumping bikes in and out of cars, as there's literally no oil to get on interiors or clothing.

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Silca’s Synergetic Drip lube is truly exceptional, clean and quiet, and it could save you far more than it costs.