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Science In Sport Beta Fuel Gel - 6 Pack

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Science in Sport Beta Fuel (6 x 60ml)

The Science In Sport Beta Fuel Gel packs loads of carbs into an easy-to-consume product. The ratio of carbs to fructose is kind on the stomach, and although the price seems quite high, for what they deliver they actually work out quite good value.

SiS’s ultra-carb-dense Beta Fuel drink has been around for a few years now and the brand has now extended the range to include gels and energy chews.

The gels are available in packs of six or a bulk box of 30, and in either Orange or Strawberry and Lime flavour, and like all SiS gels are 60ml per serving.

Per gel, you get a helping of 158kcal and 40g of carbohydrate, of which 19g is sugar. These quantities are impressive. The Beta Fuel gels contain roughly 40-50 per cent more carbohydrate and calories than other similarly sized gels, and that means you can carry a hell of a lot less.

To get the body to absorb this many carbs is the job of the fructose. SiS says that upping the fructose to carb ratio allows more carbs to be ingested.

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In the heat of a race or when pocket space is low, the Beta Fuel Gel is worth it. They're easy to get down and the flavours are great.