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Restrap Race Saddle Bag 7L

Restrap's Race Saddle Bag provides a decent amount of storage that’s quick and easy to access. It's secure, too, and very well made.

Fitment is simple and takes a couple of minutes. Two upper straps loop around the saddle rails and another strap wraps around the seatpost. There’s no Velcro to destroy your shorts, which is a plus. Foam pads are included to give a secure fit and reduce the chance of any wear or rubbing against your components.

Even loaded up, the Race bag stays secure with barely any sway at all, and the magnetic strap held firm during testing even when using the bag on rough gravel routes.

The drybag rolls up at the top and then both corners clip together, creating a completely waterproof package.

Restrap Race Saddle Bag 7L RCCR-2

The harness has a hardshell construction, created from VX21, a waterproof material that sandwiches a PET film between a 210-denier nylon on the outside and a 50-denier polyester backing. It also uses Hypalon for the strapping and edging.

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The whole construction is scuff resistant and highly durable. It's very well made too, by hand in Yorkshire, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Race Saddle Bag is quite an investment, but we can't fault the quality or the way it fits to the bike securely and with little sway. The drybag/harness design also makes it quick and easy to remove your kit.