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Rapha Women’s Classic Jersey II

The latest version of Rapha's Women's Classic Jersey II is a lovely top for summer rides and it’s now made with recycled polyester. It looks stylish, feels soft and comfortable, and has all the features you'd hope for.

The Classic II is made with Rapha Performance Merino 150 fabric (RPM150), but here the 36% merino is mixed with 64% recycled polyester, upping its eco credentials. It has what Rapha calls a 'Refined Classic fit' for 'all-day comfort', with slight shaping to the body to take into account curves,

Rapha Women’s Classic Jersey II RCCR-2

There's no silicone (or elastic) on the sleeve hems, but though they feel slightly loose at first, once on the bike the cuffs stay in place comfortably. It's not pretending to be an aero jersey, it's more about all-day comfort, and it does this very well.

Three deep pockets hold ride essentials securely, with the right-hand pocket incorporating a small zipped pocket. This has a mesh backing rather than doubling up the RPM fabric, helping prevent heat build-up.

If you like listening to tunes or podcasts while on the move, the right pocket also has a cable port, and there are a couple of loops inside the jersey to keep cables tidy.

The middle pocket also has a stretchy loop for a mini-pump (the original had a pump sleeve sewn in) and the outer two pockets are slightly angled, for easy access.

Overall, it's very well made – if slightly more delicate than its predecessor – looks stylish, and performs really well for relaxed riding in the sun.