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Pro Cycling Style – Woven Into History

Cycle jerseys come in a great variety of colours and designs, and it is unlikely that you’ll see more than a small percentage of them in real life, so seeing large images in a good quality book is the next best thing. Oliver Knight makes this a real pleasure in Pro Cycling Style.

Following on from The Cycling Jersey, Pro Cycling Style could be regarded as volume two of Knight's work.

The first book had the subtitle of 'Craftmanship, Speed and Style', and the new book follows a similar format, although it is themed mainly around the last of those aspects, style.

Knight tries to determine how to define style and discover why only some kit achieves it; he even wonders if looking good could be a marginal gain that helps you to go faster. Don't worry if you were simply hoping for lots of high-quality images of glorious jerseys, supported by a bit of background information – because you still get all of that.

It is the continued churn of teams that gives rise to most new kit, and Knight serves up another great selection. Some turned out to be an important part of cycling history, such as Renault, 7-Eleven, or Café de Colombia, while others are more notable for their assault on the senses.

Pro Cycling Style – Woven Into History 2 RCCR

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He also focuses on the jerseys worn by a few stylish riders, such as Giuseppe Saronni, and even comes up to date with Wout van Aert.

Overall, this is a beautifully produced tribute to one of the most visible bits of cycling kit