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Pearl Izumi Womens Attack Capri Bibtights

Pearl Izumi Women’s Attack Bib Capri tights are eco-friendly, using recycled polyster yarns for the bulk of their construction, and performance-wise these are excellent. The thin fabric is supportive and freeing at the same time, while the easy pee design is incredibly handy – you just need a little patience to arrange the straps to sit comfortably before you set off.

Without a fleece lining, these are a lighter weight 3/4 option, that work best over the spring and autumn months. Without a fleece lining, these lighter weight 3/4s are suitable from around 8°C, up to at least 15°C.

Pearl Izumi Womens Attack Capri Bibtights RCCR 4

The clever pass-through X-Back bib straps drop tail design allows you to nip to the loo without undressing your top half. The fabric used has an incredibly helpful stretch to it that snaps back with strength. It still has a decent height at the rear that avoids any bare back gap when shifted forward in the riding position.

The straps also have minimal seams, which means they sit flush and are super comfy. There's a small clip that joins the two straps together, which helps these remain in place. These don’t sit flat so naturally, so it takes some patience to arrange. But once in place, they are great, and you don't have to reposition them mid-ride because of the easy pee design.

Pearl Izumi Womens Attack Capri Bibtights RCCR 1

The women's Select Escape 1:1 chamois looks basic, with no channels or separate sections of varying densities. However, it does have a blended thickness, with a slight firmness that proved comfortable on rides of up to four hours. It doesn't bunch up or cause any hot spots, and it’s quite discreet looking which is nice for when off the bike.