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Pactimo Summit Stratos Range Bib Shorts

The Summit Stratos Range Bibs are Pactimo's most expensive bib shorts. They are designed for long rides and have useful cargo pockets. They might be £186, but they're well worth the cash.

Comfort is the main draw of these bib shorts and our reviewer was particularly pleased to find that the shorts caused none of his usual 'under-carriage issues. He was able to ride without discomfort and if you've ever suffered from saddle discomfort, you'll know just how nice that first pain-free ride is.

Pactimo makes these bibs from Cerami-K fabric. There is no bobbling yet on the fabric, so early evidence suggests it will prove to be durable. So far, so good, anyway. The fabric feels lovely next to the skin, and our reviewer didn't experience any chafing from seams or tabs anywhere.

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The pad is made by Elastic Interface, and is its second generation Endurance Anatomic Super Air Chamois. The strap length is well judged, particularly for long days. When you put the shorts on, they are close fitting, but nowhere near tight enough to force you into a cycling position.

Initially, our reviwer was unsure about the need for cargo pockets, but he found them to be super useful. They'll take a face mask, riding shades, gels, food wrappers, a GoPro, a phone... pretty much anything (though not necessarily at the same time) that is not too heavy and that you want quick or easy access to. All those things can go in a jersey pocket, but these provide both more space, and easier access than a jersey pocket.