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Oxford Aqua V32 Double Pannier Bag

The Oxford Aqua V32 Double Pannier Bag is a rugged and incredibly protective load-carrying option at a brilliant price. These linked panniers are not the lightest, and the roll-top on each is quite stiff, but they're very, very tough.

The two 16 litre bags are made from a durable waterproof fabric, with a roll-top closure, and each has a zipped compartment on the outside as well as reflective accents. The rear of each bag section is stiffened and there's a toughened bumper at the bottom.

The two bags are linked together via a flat area of the same tough fabric, with a webbing carrying handle at the top, and attached to the flat panel are Velcro straps to fasten it to the rack.

Oxford Aqua V32 Double Pannier Bag RCCR 1

The pannier setup is quite easy to fit. With Velcro straps rather than clips up top, it secures well to any gauge of rack tubing, although only standard width racks will do the trick thanks to the dimensions of the top panel of fabric.

Hooks secure the panniers at the bottom, sliding along for easy adjustment to keep the whole shebang from flapping about.

These bags are solidly built and protective. No rain is getting in here. Noah could have built the ark from this fabric. It's heavy, though, meaning these are going to contribute significantly to your load, and you can't use them singly.

Oxford Aqua V32 Double Pannier Bag RCCR 3

The ability to unfasten them quickly and simply lift off the whole lot using the webbing handle is handy for shopping, or if you like to carry a lot on your commute.