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Oxford Aqua Evo 22L Backpack

The Oxford Aqua Evo 22L Backpack is waterproof, well made and useful for shop runs and commutes. It's easy to use and – unless you're desperate for brand cachet or designer looks – better than a lot of the competition.

If you want to carry stuff comfortably and feel completely secure it won't get wet, the Aqua Evo is an excellent way to do it. It's not huge, but as it takes a normal plastic shopping bag's worth of stuff it's a useful size for urban runs.

Firmly Velcroed inside is a similarly useful padded sleeve (25cm wide, 40cm deep and 31cm high), and if your laptop is more than 31cm wide it can poke out the sleeve-top safely retained by an elastic strap. You also get a couple of smaller fabric pockets and a zipped mesh one.

Four 'AirTech' pads hold the bag away from your back, and the big gaps – along with the crinkle-cut foam – do a pretty good job of letting you cool.

The shoulder straps are well padded (and mesh-backed for ventilation), and you get webbing chest and waist straps.

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The straps are easily adjustable for a comfy, secure fit, as are the buckles for securing the opening.

Out on the bike the Aqua Evo ignores rain – beyond the straps and back pads staying a bit damp for a while – and proved 100 per cent waterproof, even when it suffered a truly biblical downpour for several minutes.

Overall, this is a great pack that does exactly what it promises, carrying your stuff comfortably, securely and dryly.