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Nopinz Pro-1 All Season Skinsuit

The Nopinz Pro-1 All Season Skinsuit provides a great fit, a useful number pocket, and is far cheaper than rivals. This is brilliant for cyclo-cross racing and will cover you well for early-season time trials and circuit races. The Lycra is heavier than typical and just warm enough to see you through the initial chill of the start of a race.

This is a brilliant bit of kit for those who like to race in the winter. For cyclo-cross it's been a godsend. The fit, the pad, the number pocket, and the grippers down at the wrist are all great. If you're a privateer and you want a suit for cooler days, this is a great choice.

One thing reviewer Liam did notice was that he got a bit sweatier than usual in the Nopinz Pro-1 All Season Skinsuit, simply because of the slightly thicker fabric. During a race that isn't too much of an issue, but when you stop it's best to have a warm top quickly to hand so you don't freeze.

Getting the Pro-1 All Season on is easy, with plenty of stretch in the fabric really helping.

Nopinz Pro-1 All Season Skinsuit 3

The Nopinz Speed Pocket is just a clear square of lightweight plastic, behind which sits a pocket that is accessed from within the skinsuit. Before putting the skinsuit on, you simply slide your race number in and you're set.

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The pad that Nopinz uses in this skinsuit is the same one as you'll find in the regular Pro-1 and it offers great support for riding in a racing position.

All things considered, the Nopinz Pro-1 All Season is a brilliant skinsuit for racing in cold conditions.