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Mudhugger PhoneHugger phone case

The Mudhugger PhoneHugger case is a soft, flexible phone protector that works extremely well. It fits easily in a jersey pocket, keeps your phone dry and feels really rugged.

The PhoneHugger is basically a strip of thick inner tube sewn into a pouch. The top wraps over and seals with Velcro, letting gravity finish the waterproofing job – rain would have to run upwards to get in. It works really, really well.

Really we should say 'water-resisting'. Obviously, if you fall in a river your phone is still going to get drenched... and even if you submerge this with the opening above the water, it leaks – presumably through the stitching – but the PhoneHugger keeps rain off without effort.

Mudhugger PhoneHugger phone case RCCR-2

The edges are nicely taped, and while the stitching is messy in places, this thing feels rugged. The rubber is at least downhill mountain bike tube thickness, and feels up to plenty of use.

The recycled rubber squishes into pockets more easily than sewn fabric designs, and even provides a little shock protection from drops. It only takes a second to get your phone in or out, too. It's great.