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JACK The Bike Rack

JACK The Bike Rack is a front handlebar-mounted hanging rack that fits quickly without any tools, providing almost all types of bike with a cargo platform. It's brilliant.

JACK is a no-frills system that comprises the JACK Rack itself, the correct handlebar diameter size adaptor, and two straps. 

It is made from a 304 steel rod and fitting takes less than a minute. It slots either side of your stem with a snap-on fit, and then you strap it in place. The JACK rack is designed to carry loads up to 5kg.

JACK The Bike Rack RCCR-2


Once fitted, you barely notice it. The JACK feels solid, and there are no issues whether you're riding in the saddle or standing up. 

Reviewer Patrick Joscelyne reported that he just forgot about the rack even when it was fully loaded and he was riding rutted towpaths and lung-busting hills, and that has to a strong recommendation.

Pre-order on Indiegogo for £60

JACK The Bike Rack RCCR-4


There is a minimum height requirement of 225mm between the tops of your bars and the top of your tyre, and we did find changing to an adaptor for 25.4mm bars difficult, but this is a winner if you want a front rack that can carry decent range of kit, and that fits most bikes without need for tools or brackets.