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Hammerhead Karoo 2

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 has an improved, compact design with a large enough 3.2inch screen for viewing lots of data fields as well as its beautiful map in detail. The device is packed with great features, it's super responsive and has excellent navigational capabilities for both planned routes and out-in-the-wild spontaneous ones.

The Karoo 2 comes with increased storage, from 16Gb to an impressive 32Gb, added dual Bluetooth Smart chipsets and an upgraded quad-core processor with 2Gb of RAM, for a faster and responsive device that's also capable of handling the regular software updates that Hammerhead installs to continuously improve and introduce new features with.

Hammerhead Karoo 2 RCCR-3

It runs on an upgraded Android 8 operating system that can be paired to iOS or Android smartphones for notifications mid-ride. You can turn messages, calls, voicemail and other apps on and off.

Audio alerts are now included with turn-by-turn notifications. You can set it so the device also beeps for upcoming intervals in workout mode, as vehicles are approaching when paired with the Garmin Varia, as well as for Strava live segments.

There's also a slot for installing a SIM card behind the circular cover round the back. This enables LiveTracking and can be used for WiFi tasks such as syncing rides and receiving notifications.

The display is a very good size for viewing the data fields and maps. It is finished with a Dragontrail scratch-resistant screen for some decent defence, and the high definition full colour display has also been treated to reduce glare.

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The touchscreen responds incredibly well in the dry. It feels much more like operating a smartphone than a cycling computer. In the rain it's not quite as effective, but still very much usable.

Mapping is fantastic, the navigation has been faultless and with the storage space, you've got room for extra maps if you're off on holiday to somewhere nice.