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Granite Design Stash Tubeless Flat Tyre Repair Kit

Granite Design’s Stash Tubeless Flat Tyre Repair Kit completes the Stash system, offering a flat tyre solution that sits neatly inside your handlebar.

This kit packs a fair bit of tubeless repair strength into a tiny and invisible package, depending on how you set it up. It hides inside the end of your handlebar and can be used with either open- or closed-ended grips.

The kit itself is rather comprehensive, and what you get inside such a compact little case is pretty awesome. You've got the insertion tool and a very pointy reamer, the tip of which is super useful.

Granite Design Stash Tubeless Flat Tyre Repair Kit RCCR-3


Using the Stash tyre plug is super simple and an absolute pleasure. Unlike other kits, the reamer and insertion tool is completely separate, and there is a point on the reamer. This makes it really easy to locate a puncture and get to roughing it up.

Easy to use, well made and comes in at a decent price too. There's a lot to like.