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Granite Design Stash Chain Repair Tool Kit

Cleverly designed to work with all kinds of grips and it does its job very well while carrying a beautiful build quality along with impressive ergonomics.

With the use of a 22mm or 30mm side cap, the tool can be sneakily hidden inside of your handlebar regardless of whether you run open or closed-ended grips. No matter which you have, the tool works perfectly.

Of course, the downside of running the tool with a closed-ended grip is that you’ll have to take the grip off to gain access to the tool. Thankfully, the Allen bolt used to compress the compression bung uses a 3mm Allen key, the same as many grips’ collars.

Granite Design Stash Chain Repair Tool Kit RCCR-1


The Stash Chain Tool weighs 45g on the scale, 5g lighter than what Granite’s website claims but note, that is without a quick link attached. It’s compatible with 9 up to 12-speed chains too.

While making a repair, the tool has proven to be super effective. Thanks to its general shape and the threaded handle, you’re given plenty of leverage and more than enough to hold onto as you sort out a chain’s pins. In use, it feels much more like a workshop chain tool, rather than the more faffy, finicky chain tools you get on a comprehensive multitool.

Combine this with a middle of the road price point and you've got a brilliant tool.