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Drj0n Bagworks DeWidget review

Got a wobbly top tube bag? The Drj0n Bagworks DeWidget is essentially a 10mm headset spacer with a lug for threading straps through. It's designed to hold top tube bags, is nicely 3D printed and works perfectly – the DeWidget allows your bars to rotate as normal while boosting stability for your luggage.

If you've already got a 10mm spacer above your stem, then the DeWidget is super simple to install. You simply need to replace the existing spacer with this. You can use it with any top tube bag that would usually secure around the headset or stem, though you might need a small loop of velcro as most front straps attach vertically and not horizontally.

The three-part design leaves the ring with the bracket on free to spin, and we found no resistance when turning the handlebar at all. It rotates smoothly and silently, and also means there's no strap to drag, rub and wear at your stem and spacers as you ride.

Drj0n Bagworks DeWidget RCCR 2

The DeWidget weighs just 7g, so adds nothing over a typical 10mm alloy headset spacer, and has a low profile so it is unobtrusive when not in use.

If your bag is constantly moving and knocking your knees, it's absolutely worth every penny.