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The Cyclist’s Cookbook – Food To Power Your Cycling Life by Nigel Mitchell

We all love a bit of tasty scran and if you're also a keen cyclist then this book combines two of life's best things.

Each of the recipes is presented in a simple, clean format, they're easy to follow, and generally based on a small number of ingredients. The balance of performance and normal meals is a really nice approach as you'll be reaching for the book more than if it was focussed on pure performance nutrition.

The book offers a good mixture of Nigel's background, the recipes themselves, nutritional advice and anecdotes. It contains 67 recipes spread across seven different sections, including breakfast, on-the-bike food and main meals.

The Cyclist’s Cookbook RCCR-2

Each recipe is graded by difficulty, from 1 being the easiest to 5 being the hardest. Difficulty is relative, but our reviewer didn't find any of the recipes in this book arduous or overly time-consuming. Which is perfect for a time-crunched cyclist: simple, quick and nutritious food.